Severe Weather Safety Tips

Severe Weather can happen anytime. Below you will find preparedness links and materials to help you to be prepared for Severe Weather, Tornadoes & Lightning.

You can download IEMA's 2020 Severe Weather Preparedness guide by clicking here to make sure you are prepared.
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There are an estimated 25 million cloud-to-ground lightning flashes each year in the United States, nearly 750,000 of which occur in Illinois alone. Lightning can be fascinating to watch, but it is also extremely dangerous! Few people really understand the dangers of lightning. Many people don’t act promptly to protect their lives, property and the lives of others. The first step in solving this potentially life threatening problem is through education.

You can download a Lightning Safety Awareness guide by clicking here to make sure you know what to do to stay safe in lightning.

Along with severe thunderstorms can come tornadoes. Tornadoes can occur anytime day or night and anywhere. Become tornado aware by visiting the links below: